Sam McRoberts

Like Yin and Yang, SEO can be divided into two halves of one whole. While using one half or the other can meet with success, true SEO balance is achieved only by using both halves in concert. Unlike Yin and Yang, the halves of SEO are not good and bad, but rather good and best.

The two components of proper SEO are On-Site and Off-Site SEO, with On-Site representing the foundation, and Off-Site representing the building built on that foundation. I have worked for companies that perform only one or the other, and I have seen each method produce excellent results independently of the other. However, I have seen the most rapid growth result from an intelligent blending of the two elements.

SEO is not about tricking search engines into ranking you well. It is about being the best and most relevant in your industry.

On-site SEO begins with building a website. The very structure of the site itself should integrate elements of SEO. The first step is to perform keyword research. You need to know not only what you think is relevant to your industry, but what other people search for, and what competitors think is important. All of these are discovered in the keyword research process.

Once you have determined what keywords are relevant, how many people search for them, etc, you need to design the structure of your site to take advantage of these keywords. From page names and hierarchy to internal linking structure and an anchor text, your keywords are the backbone of your site. When it comes to building an SEO friendly website, the best company around is Alliance Web Marketing.

After you have your website, you need to let people know it exists. Although your site will eventually show up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the keywords you built into your site, you want to speed up and enhance the process. This is where Off-site SEO comes into play.

There are some companies that are especially effective at off-site SEO. Some elements of off-site SEO are link building, relevant directory submissions, press releases and social media marketing. All of these will help drive traffic and interest, which will then build relevance in the eyes of the search engines. You can achieve great rankings from these efforts alone for some keywords, but it usually takes longer, and is less predictable.

If you are looking for a company to handle both on-site and off-site optimization, then you need VUDU Marketing. VUDU Marketing specializes in providing a seamless combination of both on-site and off-site SEO optimization. If you have a budget of $500/month or more, and an existing website, then there is no better company to provide a complete SEO solution.

SEO is an art, and one that needs to be performed by a master to have the optimum effect. It is perfectly OK to begin your SEO efforts by focusing on only one of the halves, but that should always be the on-site half first. That is the foundation, and the most important part. Without excellent on-site SEO, you will never achieve and maintain excellent rankings.

Remember the Tao of SEO.